GPS Spy and GPS Spy Tracker is a set of location tracking apps for Android phone. Together the two apps perform the following basic functions:

GPS Spy Tracker Android App Barcode

GPS Spy Tracker app performs the tracking function. It is installed on the phones to be watched. The app can be downloaded from this site for free with the help of the QR code on the right. You can either scan the code from a computer screen or tap on the code while browsing from the phone. Don't forget to allow the installation of non-Market apps in Android settings.
Once downloaded and installed, the app is activated by pressing the "Open" button and entering your email and a unique identification key. Continuous tracking begins upon the entry of this information. Please note that to make this app less visible its icon will not appear on the phone launcher menu, the only chance to activate the app is by pressing the "Open" button right after the installation.
The email address you are asked to enter upon activation is used to identify all your traces and to send you proximity alerts. The key you are asked to enter upon activation is a unique id you assign to the phone to monitor its trace. The key can be any combination of characters, something like "my daughter", or "Steven", or "4122331100". While email is not case sensitive, the key is.
Location tracking relies on the phone's network and GPS location services; at least one of them has to be turned on in order for the app to work. The app tries to make its best of the capabilities of these services in terms of location accuracy and battery use. On average, it records about one point about every 15 minutes.

GPS Spy Android App Barcode

GPS Spy app allows you to monitor location history as a trace of connected points on the map for multiple phones, and to set proximity alerts for them. This app is normally installed on a phone other than the one that is being watched. Latest 24 hours of location history, about 100 points total, is continuously shown for each of the phones under surveilance.
Like the Tracker app, GPS Spy app can be downloaded and installed from this site with the help of its QR code on the right. Once installed, the app will prompt you for your email and an identification key for the first phone whose trace you want to see. At that time the app will also require you to pay a $5 fee for the initial 30-day activation extension. At the time of purchasing the extension please make sure your buyer's email matches the email you entered for tracking.

GPS Spy Map and Interface Screenshot An active GPS Spy app displays a map view of the trace and has six menu buttons:
GPS Spy Plus Location Info Pop Up Screenshot GPS Spy Plus Proximity Alert Screenshot

The zoom controls at the bottom of the screen help to focus on the parts of the trace. Tapping on a star brings up a pop-up with timing, accuracy, and other location info.

A tap on any other point on the map prompts for creation of a proximity alert -- a notification that happens if and when the trace comes near that point of interest. The radius of alert must be chosen carefully, keeping in mind the accuracy of the trace, the range of movement, and whether the network or GPS service is being used.

An active alert is represented on the map by a red dot and a transparent red proximity radius. Once the proximity alert is triggered, a message is sent to the tracking email address, and the alert becomes disabled. The alert dot changes color to yellow. Another tap on the alert gives you the option to make it active again, or to completely delete it.

An expired copy of a GPS Spy app will prompt you to buy another 30-day activation extension. Alternatively, you can buy a 30-day activation extension from this page. Again, at the time of purchasing the extension please make sure your buyer's email matches the email you entered for tracking. Please email to for help.
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